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Jun 26

What’s the Data on Big Data?

It’s a Tech buzzword:

Data is expanding everyday and in every way. “Big Data” is a buzzword in the industry. It’s changing the way we view traditional IT practices and forcing us in the industry to think on our feet and prepare for the future. Traditionally, information technology planning, implementation, and maintenance have always been about managing data and keeping a structure maintained. That’s still the case now, but more recently, as data in the micro and macro worlds expand, the amount of data has been growing and will continue to grow exponentially. IT practices need to keep up by creating processes that scale, with the ability mine massive data for usable and pertinent information.

Ensuring tech is scalable:

A key component to maintaining big data in the digital age is agility. That means more agile tools as well as more flexible work systems. New information and new tools are being created constantly, and thus infrastructure is increasingly important. More businesses, in emerging as well as traditional markets, are moving to cloud systems. At Cloud Expo NYC Dan Lynch of AgilData says it used to be “Move the data to the computation, now it’s move the computation to the data.” Cloud and agile thinking makes that possible.

Pushing us toward the Cloud:

More businesses are turning to cloud operations, because it means they can be more agile. As the data in your business expands, your traditional on premises servers are not going to be able to store everything, and they won’t be able to easily adapt to software upgrades, emerging technologies, and new integrations.

How do we maintain security with Big Data?

Security as a Service (Saas) is becoming more and more popular in the tech industry, because just like everything, it’s moving quickly and growing exponentially. As tech people, we need to be able to adapt to ever-changing environments. More data means more vulnerabilities, means more need to maintain security as an operational utility. It’s no longer a one-time service – security needs to be agile.

Cloud Expo blog
Jun 24

Emerging Tech: NYC Cloud Expo 2015 and Avaya Partner U

Twin Networks at NYC Cloud Expo 2015 and Avaya Partner U

Last week the Twin Networks team was busy traveling around the Northeast to attend conferences and events in the Information Technology industry. Members of our team attended the Cloud Expo in New York City, held at the Javits Center. This is one of our favorite events in the industry; it’s huge and forward thinking. It’s been going on since 2008 with locations in Silicon Valley, New York, and Europe. This year, panelists and speakers from leaders in the software and tech industries like Cisco, IBM, Adobe, and Microsoft, among many others, gathered in NYC to exchange ideas, talk about the future, and remember where it all started. Many of these renowned speakers held hot-topic discussions that were standing room only:

Michael Piccininni – Global Account Manager, Cloud SP EMC Corporation
Mike Dietze – Regional Director, Windstream Hosted Solutions
Laura Heritage – Director of API Strategy, Akana
Manjula Talreja – VP Cisco Consulting Services, Cisco
Esmeralda Swartz – VP, Marketing Enterprise and Cloud Ericsson
Dan Lynn – CEO, CodeFutures Corporation
Evelyn de Souza – Data Privacy and Compliance Strategy Leader, Cisco Systems
Mac Devine – Distinguished Engineer, IBM
David Shacochis – VP, Cloud Platform CenturyLink
Phil Jackson – Lead Technology Evangelist at SoftLayer (an IBM company)
To name a few. More info and speakers at

We also attended an exhibition lead by one of our manufacturers, Avaya, held in Boston for their partners called Partner U. Avaya is one of our chosen manufacturers, known for highly integrated phone systems and hardware. They are always on the cutting edge of emerging tech and integrations. At the event, they revealed that 72% of Avaya’s Northeast revenue comes from software and services. More on (software and services to come.)

Several members of the Avaya team spoke about the state of their business this year and plans for the future, as well as new and upcoming offerings. Avaya Partners also spoke, such as:
Ron Senna – Systems Engineer at Avaya
Steve Forcum – Territory Account Manager at Avaya
Dick Strong – Systems Engineering Manager at Avaya
Tony Crenshaw – Plantronics

While listening to a wide range of speakers and topics, it was hard to avoid noticing the obvious trends and hot topics of this year. At Twin Networks, we are committed to understanding what’s on the cutting edge of the industry, and translating that into systems and services that fit our client’s every business and technical need. We’ve gathering several thoughts for you on where we think tech, cloud, and big data, software and hardware applications are heading, and what it means for your business. Stay tuned for more on:

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Let Your Data Do The Talking
Software (and MORE) as a Service
Where are the Middlemen?
All Things Integrated – APIs That Add Value
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