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how Netflix goes global with the cloud
Oct 30

How Netflix Goes Global with the Cloud (And You Can Too)

At AWS re:Invent the Twin Networks team heard from Amazon, plus dozens of big businesses, about how the cloud improves operations, SCALABILITY, plus the business bottom line. One of the big players and sponsors (like us!) was Netflix. If you don’t know Netflix (and you definitely should) – the streaming movie and TV service has quickly become a booming business, now in 60 countries and expected 200 by the end of this year.

Here’s what we learned from Netflix’s ALL IN cloud strategy, and how we plan to implement it for our customers.

  • Product delivery is KEY. In many instances – from eCommerce websites, to healthcare software, to financial tools, uptime is essential. AWS not only makes that possible, but makes the experience as advanced as ever for you and your happy users. Twin Networks (and Netflix) understand that the bottom line is “does it work?” If not – people leave, and quickly. That’s why AWS is the best out there and we want to make it work for you.

Netflix has been an all-in cloud customer from the beginning. Their Director of Operations Engineering, Josh Evans has been spearheading the fight to keep uptime consistent for the hundreds of thousands of requests they get per second. With AWS, they are able to keep up “operational excellence, quality and velocity,” as Evans says.

  • Your developers have better things to do than running servers. When that burden is taken off their shoulders, the possibilities for what your business is capable of are endless – and your developers will thank you.

Netflix’s competitive edge is that they are constantly ahead of the competition, always innovating, and always improving the experience. They have been able to do this by understanding the advantages of cloud and AWS as an innovative platform. The IaaS model means Amazon can do the heavy lifting and Netflix’s developers can “spend more time coding business logic rather than becoming AWS experts.”

What that means for you: Twin Networks is your AWS expert. Your developers should be innovating and discovering on the next great success for your business.

  • You too can go global. Why shouldn’t you be able to increase from 60 countries to 200 countries in a matter of months? If your business model is working, your goals should be so big, they scare you. With AWS, Twin Networks can iterate, create new servers for you, and literally expand your business in a matter of minutes.

One way Netflix does this, as Evans spoke about, is their new custom software “Spinnaker” for easy deployment using the AWS cloud. In short, Netflix couldn’t do what it does without the AWS cloud. Their developers are using it to drive innovation and make it their own, to make it work for the unique needs of Netflix and its consumers. We want you to have that freedom and innovation as well.

Your bottom line: Even if your business model isn’t anything like Netflix’s, the cloud can help you streamline and focus on innovation rather than the mundane. Need help deciding how to leverage the cloud and AWS so you too can have a business that booms like Netflix? Call Twin TODAY.

healthcare IT services
Oct 15

AWS + Healthcare: 3 Ways Amazon Conquers Compliance

If you’re in healthcare and wavering on moving to cloud operations, listen to this. HUGE companies like Merck have moved to Amazon Web Services and Cloud, used and loved their operations for several years. Fear not, because you can enjoy the increasing and expanding benefits of the Cloud, too.

One of the many reasons [excuses] big businesses, including healthcare, claim to be avoiding cloud operations is because of the fear of compliance. At AWS re: Invent (Amazon Web Services summit in Las Vegas which we sponsored last week), we spent some time at the Compliance Summit, replete with fully integrated companies there to debunk exactly that misconception. Throughout the conference, highly regulated sectors spoke about how they are using cloud hosting and AWS to not only streamline their businesses and grow them, but increase their level of compliance with government and industry rules. The resounding answer is: you too can be compliant! HIPPA, PHI, and all. We’re sold, and here’s why you should be too:

  1. Amazon is highly aware of the misconception that security is a risk on the cloud (hence why there were many talks code by code on how to ensure you are secure). AWS is there to HELP! Documentation, training, and helpful hands ensure that your migration and security is top notch.
  2. For companies that have already made the leap, such as Merck, it’s no longer about convincing themselves that they need to migrate but “how to apply their policies and procedures to a new innovative IT supplier,” says Merck’s IT. But the truth is that it’s no riskier or safer than traditional hosting. Things have changed and we have to adapt, there is no magical answer. But the benefits of cloud outweigh the risks of not adapting your strategies to fit the cloud.
  3. We heard success stories about companies moving to the cloud throughout the conference, and almost all of them said that it was a great opportunity to assess their whole server systems. The team at Sparta Systems spoke about automating their processes as they switched to cloud. That meant that they could prepare for systematized audits and avoid costly and inefficient pen and paper auditing.

Compliance is king in healthcare and many other industries. BUT that means if you take the time to do it right (using the cloud and AWS) you can build systems that will be air-tight and LAST. You can’t add compliance at the end. The strategy should be build around security and compliance from the ground up, and when you are able to do that using the cloud – your strategies (and jobs) will be more secure for years to come.

IT services provider
Oct 08

AWS re:Invent: Why Cloud Completes the IT Infrastructure Puzzle

We were welcomed to AWS with great fanfare and we could not be more excited. Our booth was all set up and ready for the welcoming reception at AWS re:Invent last night and the event did not disappoint. We had a great time and met interesting and intelligent people excited about the cloud. We also made sure everyone left with a CT IT survival pack complete with Connecticut roasted coffee and swag. Our goal was to fill the exhibit hall with the smell of fresh roasted coffee beans and entice all the 19,000 attendees to make their way to our booth. (If you’re here – we’re at #262, right next to the Developer’s Lounge.) We’re also starting the conversation with developers and company owners.

We’re here sponsoring alongside Cloud’s biggest users and innovators – Accenture, Datadog, Netflix, Sumologic, among many others and we couldn’t be more proud. There is a great feeling in the room that we are at the ground floor of something huge, and although there are struggles and questions, there is no doubt that this group of people can rule the world – and destroy every last hardware server in existence.

At the opening Keynote, we heard from Andy Jassy, SVP of Amazon Web Services, that AWS is the fastest growing multi-billion dollar enterprise IT company in the world. Their increase in customers, interest, capabilities, and support has grown tremendously YOY, and we’re right here with them. While rolling out new services and features, he also reminded us that AWS was named the stand-our cloud provider in innovation and efficiency in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant report. Not to mention, large enterprise level organizations are making the (not-so-scary-anymore) move to the cloud. The reason?: Jassy tells us that people are passionate about the cloud like no other IT infrastructure. It gives us all “the freedom to control our destiny.” And it’s very true – scalability, agility, lower cost and operations, all allow a business to get back to DOING business and not running a data center.

Services like Snowball are going to make that migration even easier, at a fraction of a fraction of the time. From years down to days by shipping your data to Amazon. That’s huge for companies that have made the leap of faith already to migrate to cloud, only to find out that it could take 8 years with their amount of big data.

IMG_2646        IMG_2643


At our booth, we’re opening the conversation about WHY corporations and organizations big and small are still not on board with the cloud. It’s the future, but for many leaders, they are apprehensive and concerned about this (technically) still emerging technology. Some concerns we’ve heard are: lack of knowledge, lack of training, perceived security risk, having to rewrite data, concerns about the migration, and concerns about the culture shift and potential loss of jobs. Those concerns are not invalid, but everything we’re learning here tells us that YES things have to change, and yes that will be a lot of work, but the benefits outweigh the risks and we’re confident that with AWS on our side, all of those problems have solutions that fit.