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Dec 10

What’s In the Cloud For Me (The Developer)?

We’ve been talking a LOT about how much the cloud is going to improve your business, streamline your process, and help you rake in the dough – but what if your role is the developer in your IT crowd, does the cloud help you in any way? YES – Your CEO isn’t the only one who should be excited about cloud, and your head engineer shouldn’t feel it’s a burden. Listen up developers! The cloud is about to change your life, too (if it hasn’t already)…

This year, The Twin Networks team focused on improving their knowledge base company-wide by training not only the leadership team, but also the development team in AWS cloud. We brought one of our head developers to AWS re:Invent, Michelle, to facilitate her training in the cloud, allowing her to improve the way she works and solves problems by way of the cloud. After the conference, we sat down with her to find out how knowledge of AWS helps her, the business, and the industry. Here’s how the cloud is helping her:

As a lead developer, Michelle is in charge of writing the systems that our clients use on a daily basis and depend on to keep their operations running smoothly. With the cloud, she’s able to get her new code onto testing environments in a fraction of the time because she’s now equipped with the capability to create servers where she previously had to wait for other team members. She’s got control from the ground up, creating the servers she needs to test the systems she’s innovating. That is a breath of fresh air for her and so many coders.

For business owners, that means you’re utilizing one resource where two were previously required, and that’s great for everyone (saves time and $$). Empowering developers to be in charge of testing and deploying their own code also means easier troubleshooting, fixing issues quickly and creating seamless systems.

Michelle has also said that utilizing cloud also significantly helps with Sys Ops. When there is an issue involving a web app or server, she’s able to easily evaluate where the bottleneck is. She can test without waiting for a team member from the network department to test and find the issue. She can see everything top-to-bottom, isolate and fix problems herself. This means happy developers and happy owners – the process and man hours go from months to hours.

From Michelle’s perspective as well, she’s reinvigorated her enthusiasm for cloud operations, AWS specifically. Six years ago, cloud was still new and quite complicated. Microsoft cloud was the frontrunner and it was geared towards ease of use. Today, AWS has far surpassed that order with a focus on step-by-step instructions that don’t hold your hand but rather give you the tools to empower developers to innovate. She’s excited to use her newfound time to explore the new AWS code base and add to their sources,

Michelle’s experience is not unique, developers far and wide are lauding the uses of cloud and letting it improve their lifetime strategies as well as day to day. What’s good for the developer is good for the business AND is good for clients. Win-win-win.