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How to Define Security During COVID-19
COVID-19 and social distancing have quickly forced a change in how we conduct businesses. With many organizations shifting some –[...]
Preparation Is Key 
Nobody wants to think about the worst-case scenario, but if a cyberattack hits your business, every second counts when it[...]
Every Second Counts: What to Do Following a Cyberattack
Nobody wants to think about the worst-case scenario, but if a cyberattack hits your business, every second counts when it[...]
4 Tips for Protecting Your Small Business from a Ransomware Attack
Cybersecurity attacks are becoming more common as the business world continues doing more online. It can seem like every time[...]
2020 in Tech: 5 Trends to Keep an Eye On
The technology industry moves in one direction — forward. As more companies continue to use advanced programs to run their businesses,[...]
Follow These 5 Steps to Give Your Business the Best Gift of All
As the year comes to an end, business owners are keeping an eye on the latest holiday deals to purchase[...]
7 Ways to Prevent a Data Breach in Your Business
Don’t think you’re vulnerable to a data breach? Think again. In 2018, businesses reported 1,244 breaches – and small businesses[...]
2020’s End-of-Support List: Why it Matters & What to Do
January 14, 2020 is the fast-approaching date when a long list of Microsoft® products and solutions will reach their End of Support. That’s a lot of[...]
4 Ways a Business Continuity Plan Can Help Your Company
As a business owner, the buck stops with you. Your employees rely on you to have the answers when a problem occurs. But what[...]
Is Your Business Following the Right Financial Compliance Regulations?
As a business owner, you’re always focusing on how to best move your company forward. But have you taken time[...]
BDR: A Shelter from the Storm
As a business owner, you’re always focusing on how to best move your company forward. But have you taken time[...]
5 Things to Outsource to Your vCIO
As your business grows, you’ll eventually need someone to help you choose and deploy technology to protect your business, improve[...]
5 Tools to Improve Your Collaboration
The McKinsey Institute found that teams improved productivity up to 25 percent through increased collaboration. But, finding out which collaboration[...]
3 Technologies that Flourish with the Cloud
According to research from Ovum, 20 percent of business processes have already moved to the cloud. The cloud isn’t only[...]
5 Things You Should Know About Ethics & Privacy
Understanding ethics and privacy may seem simple at first, but when you start to dive in, you discover that finding[...]
7 Holiday Gift Ideas for People Who Rock Your Business
One of the best things about the holidays is that they give you an opportunity to show the people who[...]
3 Simple Trends to Implement in the New Year
Updating your technology can be complicated and overwhelming – especially if you try to do all the research and make decisions on your[...]
Section 179: Your Guide to Keeping Your Competitive Edge
One of the best things about the holidays is that they give you an opportunity to show the people who[...]
Twin Networks Talks: Embracing the Cloud With AWS
Last week, Founder and CEO of Twin Networks Christopher Brown spoke at an event by Vistage. CEOs, executives, and professionals came[...]
What You Need To Know About The BYOD Movement
After traveling the East Coast last week to hear from some of our partners, Dell SonicWall and Aruba (an HP[...]
Twin Networks scores a home run for their customer at the Hartford Yard Goats Stadium!
With opening day just around the corner, Twin Networks received a phone call from one of our customers who is a[...]
What’s In the Cloud For Me (The Developer)?
We’ve been talking a LOT about how much the cloud is going to improve your business, streamline your process, and[...]
This is the Missing Piece
The Twin Networks team attended AWS re:Invent to collect knowledge, hone skills, and talk solutions using the phenomenon of cloud.[...]
How Netflix Goes Global with the Cloud (And You Can Too)
At AWS re:Invent the Twin Networks team heard from Amazon, plus dozens of big businesses, about how the cloud improves operations, SCALABILITY,[...]
AWS + Healthcare: 3 Ways Amazon Conquers Compliance
If you’re in healthcare and wavering on moving to cloud operations, listen to this. HUGE companies like Merck have moved to Amazon[...]
AWS re:Invent: Why Cloud Completes the IT Infrastructure Puzzle
We were welcomed to AWS with great fanfare and we could not be more excited. Our booth was all set[...]
Twin Networks Sponsoring Amazon’s AWS re:Invent
ust 4 weeks after returning from Las Vegas for Dell Security Peak Performance, we’re getting right back to The Entertainment[...]
What’s in a Firewall?
We at Twin Networks understand heartily that the customer comes first. Equipment and vendors cannot be used for name alone,[...]
Can Computer Hacking Be Ethical?
Dell Security Peak Performance introduced us to a new concept – ethical hacking. We met dozens of “security ninjas” holding[...]
Threats, Attacks, and Hacks – If You’re not Up-To-Date, You’re at Risk
Are you up to date with the latest security hacks and scams? If you haven’t heard of them, you’re at[...]
What We’ve Learned from Dell: Security is #1, Risk is Everywhere
We’ve just returned from Dell Security Peak Performance in Las Vegas, Nevada! Dell put on quite a show, and we’ve[...]
Twin Networks Heads to Vegas for Dell Peak Performance 2015
The Twin Networks team is jetting to Las Vegas this weekend to attend Dell Security Peak Performance 2015. We’ll hear from[...]
Connecting from the Remote Island of Aruba (An HP Company)
Improving remote access and BYOD systems seems fitting in these summer vacation months. It’s important that employees are able to[...]
How to Stay Secure in the Hacking Age
We’ve seen hack after hack in headline news recently. Even businesses that sell themselves on guaranteeing your security are getting[...]
Software (and MORE) As A Service
SaaS – Software as a Service PaaS – Platform as a Service IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service On-Prem –[...]
Let Your Data Do The Talking
BIG DATA in the tech world means that your infrastructure, services, tools, and systems should be defined by the data you[...]
What’s the Data on Big Data?
It’s a Tech buzzword: Data is expanding everyday and in every way. “Big Data” is a buzzword in the industry.[...]
Emerging Tech: NYC Cloud Expo 2015 and Avaya Partner U
Twin Networks at NYC Cloud Expo 2015 and Avaya Partner U Last week the Twin Networks team was busy traveling[...]
5 Ways Twin Networks Can Get The Cloud To Work For You
Chris Brown, CEO of Twin Networks recently traveled to New York City to attend Oracle Cloud World. Many of Twin Network’s[...]
Meet the Twins Emma and Jake Brown
CEO Chris’s twin boy and girl are the unofficial spokespeople for Twin Networks. We love to have them around the[...]
John A. DeQuattro Cancer Center at ECHN
Twin Networks is a proud partner of ECHN and the John A. DeQuattro Cancer Center. ECHN brought in Twin Networks CEO[...]
We’re Hiring
We are always looking for fresh talent to join our team here at Twin Networks. If you think you’ve got[...]
Service Providers are Flourishing at the Shops at Water’s Edge
Water’s Edge Resort and Spa has found that professional service companies are the most desirable storefront and office owners at[...]
CEO Leading Discussion on Cisco Data Center Equipment
Recently, Chris Brown was asked by Cisco Systems to lead a discussion in New York City on how their new[...]