Let Your Data Do The Talking

BIG DATA in the tech world means that your infrastructure, services, tools, and systems should be defined by the data you need to manage and plan for, rather than the traditional method, forcing data to fit old systems.

We’re still buzzing about Cloud Expo 2015 in NYC this June, where Madhukar Kumar, Vice President of Product Management at Liaison Technologies challenged us IT thinkers to use our business data as a guiding light.  As data becomes larger (this is a good thing – but it means more systems and a change in data management and data analysis) your practices need to be scalable. Why not let your data decide your business strategy? Data analysis in real time gives you access to insights and trends in real time. Data integration and data management are the exact same thing, your business should have a systematic approach to data that does not treat it as overwhelming, but rather a goldmine of a resource to be actively used throughout your processes.

Changing the way we think about analytics:

Part and parcel to Big Data is data mining. As the content and data that businesses are able to create, understand, and manipulate expands, finding minute pieces of that becomes more challenging if the IT is not prepared. It also means that roles are expanding just as business models and ways of structuring data are expanding.

Rethinking storage from the ground up:

At Cloud Expo Phil Jackson, Lead Technology Evangelist at SoftLayer (an IBM company) also spoke of NAS Object Storage as well as SAN. It’s a move from files and folders, to objects and containers. This makes your storage more flexible, scalable, and moveable. It deals primarily with integrating through APIs, which is important for integration and connecting your mobile applications. Twin Networks is very excited about this because it reinforces the idea that reassessing how you think about data from the ground up is a GOOD thing.

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