Threats, Attacks, and Hacks – If You’re not Up-To-Date, You’re at Risk

Are you up to date with the latest security hacks and scams? If you haven’t heard of them, you’re at risk for falling for them. New threats appear almost daily, so it’s up to professionals like us to identify risks and prevent security breeches, large and small.

Curtis Hutcheson, VP and General Manager of Dell Security Solutions gave us the current list of scams out there today while at Dell Peak Performance:

Spear phishing–

A more targeted phishing attempt, this comes through email looking just like the brands you know, trust, and interact with daily.


Hackers take control of your computer, turning your machine into a sort of “zombie” while you unsuspectingly transmit information back to their computers.


DoS, or Denial of Service Attacks render machines incapable of accessing their intended network resources, often with the intent to blackmail. DDos – Distributed Denial of Service means the hacker has launched this attack on a number of unique computers.

Zero Day threats–

Zero day attacks exploit flaws in well-distributed software that go undetected in users and cause major breeches, thus giving developers zero days to fix them. Attackers are the first to recognize the vulnerability, before the developer or the public.

Insider threats & Former employees–

While hackers and securities are getting smarter, the threat of human error and human emotion are stronger than ever. Disgruntled current or former employees, or even employees that just don’t know any better than to click unknown links can be one of the largest threats to your network because they are already granted access to it.

Hackers have a keen sense of vulnerability, either in software, hardware, or human beings. Curtis Hutcheson exclaimed that they are determined to exploit disconnected security, wherever your system is not airtight – you have a vulnerability that could bring you down.

To add to all of this, Dell told us that the FTC, Federal Trade Commission, is now taking legal action against companies that do not secure their data. With that in mind, prevention is the name of the game. Constant security reassessments and updates with top of the line technologies are in the best interest of your company. Take charge of your security and understand that in many cases it’s not if but when.

Just when you thought it’s time to give all technology up and go off the grid, don’t fear and call us instead.

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