Twin Networks Sponsoring Amazon’s AWS re:Invent

ust 4 weeks after returning from Las Vegas for Dell Security Peak Performance, we’re getting right back to The Entertainment Capital of the World to not only attend, but sponsor Amazon Web Services big event: AWS re:Invent. From October 6-9th, we’ll be exhibiting as well at Booth #262, so if you’re there, stop by for some tech goodies, delicious Connecticut roasted coffee beans, and a bit of tech talk. You should also Follow Us On Twitter, to see what the team is saying during the event.

Why we’re sponsoring:

  1. Amazon Web Services is the leader in cloud-computing platforms, with large enterprise clients trusting them to replace their previously enormous in-house server setup.
  2. Cloud is still a bit of a mystery for many clients – they are interested yet apprehensive. We’ve been on board for years, so we’re interested to see how Amazon is converting on such a large scale.
  3. It’s a product we truly believe in. Cloud is absolutely the future of technology, and we are not afraid of being replaced by robots. We love our field because it is always changing, evolving, and we rest assured that we have career longevity.

We’re sure to come back with brand new solutions for our enterprise and small business clients who are eager to learn about, and start making the move to the cloud.

Why we believe in the cloud:

  1. Lowers your total cost of ownership (TCO) by 64% (IDC Research)
  2. Lowers your costs and complexity
  3. Makes your business more easily scalable
  4. Gets you out of the business of running data centers
  5. ROI on cloud is 560% over 5 years (IDC Research)

We plan to add to that list tenfold after our time with the best of the best at Amazon.

Why you should call us for your cloud migration and integration:

  1. Just like Amazon’s Trusted Advisor service, our team is your trusted advisor for all things IT. We’ll be there to help with the tough decisions that impact your businesses bottom line, and we’ll stand by those decisions because we know that your business will benefit.
  2. We eat, breath, and dream about the cloud. We have been integrating large-scale and small-scale cloud solutions for years, and all the while we’ve been hungry to learn more and expand the uses of cloud technology. Cloud is  the future and to us it’s a no-brainer.
  3. We truly believe in the product. We won’t sell it to you because it’s the next best thing, but because it’s the right solution. And if it’s not, we’ll come up with a solution that works for your business, because we believe in your business.

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