What We’ve Learned from Dell: Security is #1, Risk is Everywhere

We’ve just returned from Dell Security Peak Performance in Las Vegas, Nevada! Dell put on quite a show, and we’ve come home with company news, industry know-how, and product technical specs to share with you.

Marvin Blough shared with us that since the last Peak Performance, Dell’s partners have enjoyed an average YOY increase of 40%. That’s absolutely astounding. Just today, Dell also placed favorably in the Gartner Magic Quadrant report. All in all, it’s a great time to be talking to Dell as a business strategy partner and as a software and hardware partner. As expected, their new Dell SonicWall TZ Series was prominently displayed and quite literally torn apart. We’re convinced – this firewall has a lot going for it.

Dell definitely delivered. In just two and a half days of sessions, we heard from top VPs at Dell, Marvin Blough, Tim Brown, Patrick Sweeny, and Curtis Hutcheson, among others. We also heard a talk that blew us away from “The World’s Most Famous Hacker” Kevin Mitnick where he hacked credit cards and a skeptical (but willing) participant’s most valuable personal information. Finally, we heard a moving and motivational presentation from US Navy Seal Commander Mark McGinnis.

The presentations made us think about the bigger picture. More than just choosing vendors and hardware specifications (which there was plenty of), Dell reinvigorated our love for IT. Not to mention, they strengthened our healthy respect for security with several examples of just how easy it can be to get hacked. Luckily, these hacking professionals were certified – “Ethical Hackers” employed and given permission to hack in order to determine vulnerabilities before the “bad guys” got there first.

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